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High Value and High-Risk Homeowners Insurance in Minnetonka, MN & Edina, MN

Building Protection for Minnesota Residents with High Value or High-Risk Homes

A home symbolizes family, comfort, and security. It serves as a reflection of the individuals residing within its confines – from the exterior framework to the interior atmosphere. However, a home also symbolizes an investment. For some home owners in Central Minnesota this investment may exceed the value insured under a standard homeowners insurance policy, or their home may be deemed a higher risk to insure due to location or previous claims.

At Waypoint Insurance Advisors, Inc., we specialize in safeguarding our neighbors with specialized home protection requirements.

How Do I Secure Hard-to-Place Home Insurance?

As an independent insurance agency, we can to truly cater to our clients first. We have strong relationships with a collection of established carriers and underwriters. After consulting with clients, we will pair customized coverage with a reliable insurance product courtesy of our carrier partners.

Events which result in impactful loss can be unexpected and costly. It’s important to be proactive about identifying the true worth of assets before an exposure to loss occurs. Whether dealing with storm damage or the aftermath of theft, the process of recovering and rebuilding after loss is more efficient with a plan in place.

Homeowners insurance tailored for high net worth clientele contains all the coverage offered under a traditional homeowners policy. The difference resides within the supplementary security supplied. A high value homeowners policy can ensure your home is rebuilt to its previous state or uncapped value – if extensive damage occurs.

Our agents have also had success placing coverage for higher risk homes, such as waterfront homes, homes with prior claims in the last three to five years, and even homes on hillsides.

For individuals who own vacation homes and seasonal properties, we can even construct specialized policies that other agencies would not entertain.

For more information on the coverage options available, please contact our agency at your convenience.

Ever Consider, ‘Is High Value and High-Risk Home Insurance Available Near Me?’

Each home we insure is distinct, as are the clients who own them. We work one-on-one with these individuals to confirm their expectations are exceeded. Service continues long after the policy purchasing process with our agents serving as a first point of contact.

Don’t let your wealth of assets remain unprotected from risk. We often discover individuals are paying for coverages that are not fully securing their high-value and high-risk assets. If you’re ready to begin building an appropriate homeowners policy, request a quote.

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At Waypoint Insurance Advisors, Inc., we are proud to provide high value and high-risk homeowners insurance for all of Minnesota, including in Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Edina, Wayzata, Plymouth, and Eden Prairie. We are licensed to write policies throughout the State of Minnesota.

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